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We only work with clients whose work we feel passionate about, We have worked extensively in the public and private sector, hospitality, restaurant and consumer sectors. Providing a full suite of PR and BRAND Positioning, we have a proven track record of successfully managing campaigns for businesses of all sizes, Whether our clients want to make a big splash with a one-time event or put all their media activities in the hands of experts, Woodford PR is the team that gets results, and we’re proud to have worked with some of the finest brands in different sectors.  

We have played key roles in the specialty areas of media relations, crisis communications, event planning, rebranding, content creation & development, and community outreach for clients


Brands are involved in a lot activities daily that causes them to face expected and unexpected happenings,  Crises may present as complex and fluid. Whether your brand is longstanding or emerging, even the smallest threat to your reputation can be a crisis. We help organizations institutions and businesses engage in strategic press/media relations programs that clearly and concisely articulate their vision surrounding different policies and politics.

Strategic public messaging – delivered through media coverage – that provides facts, context, and balance for a brand’s controversial story – also helps to fuel public support. Our team, has over a decade of experience helping clients and brands through crises.


It is important that every brand is in control of their narrative. 

Every brand does tell a story, which means your brand in look, feel, and words expresses your mission, your beliefs, your place in the market, your people, your history, and your future. If you do not have a strong Pr team in house or consulting , the public/media will tell your story based on their understanding.  A strong, well-differentiated brand requires thought, research, strategy, and planning, but the process should also be one that keeps your brand constantly updated and fresh. Your brand is arguably your most important asset and all of your PR and communications programs will establish themselves starting with this foundation.


  • A content strategy is a strong supplement to other PR efforts as good content does attract relevant audience to your brand, ultimately driving conversions and bottom-line. Our team of skilled writers knows how to get the right content to your audience at the right time by leveraging data science, SEO research, analytics, crowdsourcing, competitive research, and more..
  • We  create and manage brand blogs, content hubs, intranets, and other editorial brand platforms. Through excellent copywriting, and a strategic look at data, our team helps clients find and connect with their audience & customers through content like annual impact reports, brand guides, blogs, infographics, newsletters, interactive worksheets, and more.


We reach editors, producers, credible politicians policymakers, think tanks, nonprofits, activists, and all the movers and shakers you want talking about your brand for all the right reasons. 

Our expertise lies in the development and application of traditional public relations strategies that only a firm that understands the optics would know how to exercise. We work with our extensive media network and community connections to gain the most significant coverage for our clients. Public relations is the foundation of our company and is the core of what continues to give our clients the results that they expect and deserve.

Woodford PR is a full-service PR and communications agency, we deliver comprehensive range of integrated public relations services to clients, and our practice areas are not segregated. From corporate communications to hospitality, politics, real estate, health, and food, our team implements thoughtful, strategic, passionate, and powerful public relations for every industry.

Woodford PR has provided services to healthcare organizations, non-profit organizations, public agencies, law firms, political parties, Educational institutions, cultural institutions, and for-profit businesses. We only work with clients whose work we feel passionate about.


We conceptualize, develop, and oversee announcements, launches, openings, celebrations, public forums, press briefings, groundbreakings, ribbon cuttings, We create and produce impactful brand experiences and campaigns. We specialize in both event production, as well as event PR, publicizing events and happenings our clients are hosting throughout the year. Whether our clients are looking to host fundraising events, celebrate their achievements, or connect with the community, the vast array of opportunities to host events of all sizes are endless.  

From groundbreakings and grand openings to annual galas, movie premieres, and press conferences. 


We research the nuts and bolts of social, demystify industry jargon, and help clients understand changing algorithms.

With digital and social media, we utilize web traffic, online communities, channels, bloggers, fans, and followings. Our formulas, tools, reports, and methods for overseeing social, managing digital campaigns, and engaging influencers are all completely original and one-of-a-kind. We work as a partner with our clients - shoulder to shoulder - from audit and policy to training and execution. Our experts are both avid explorers and users of existing and emerging platforms. They are experienced in generating brand awareness and building social followings online. As the PR and social media industry continues to evolve, Woodford PR is committed to staying up-to-date on trending topics and news, innovative media strategy, and groundbreaking social platforms when using non-traditional media.


A Strong FOCUSED Advert in the right medium will help a brand grow and gain industry dominance. We review all existing communications materials – website, collateral, ads, messaging. We ask probing questions about what the company or institution does, the organization's key attributes, what their needs are, who the competition is, and more – most often the critical information already resides within the organization.
We study the competition. We translate what we learn into an “ownable” strategy – a positioning that is unique to each client.

We follow a prescribed process that yields a comprehensive understanding of what the organization does that is distinctive, unique, market-making, category-beating, breakthrough, different, and special. 


Startups might find us not affordable however, we can recommend a capable sister company that will deliver exeptionally .

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