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Due to the size of the company, our interns, employees, and freelancers are integral parts of the team. Every person plays a role in every project, campaign, and program. Our agency is built around clients and consumers, not brands or channels. Every person is client-facing and touches every proposal, event, and big idea.
They do critical work to support our clients and in turn, we provide them the opportunity for life-defining experiences , opening the City's hottest new restaurants; talking to the presidency about important issues;  being in studio with your local lagos news teams; rubbing elbows with celebs; tasting the hottest new menus; drinking orange crushes on a rooftop bar; and so much more.
Our staff is energetic, committed, and excited for the next big moment that becomes a memory that lasts a lifetime.  Because communication  is redefined almost daily, our team learns to be adaptive, dynamic, and versatile.